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Beckenham Crematorium in it’s present form was established in 1956 on the site of the former Crystal Palace District Cemetery, which dates back to 1880 and contained two gothic style chapels designed by the published architect Alexander Hennell. 

Covering over 12 hectares of land, the oldest part of the cemetery lies around the main entrance with an Edwardian lodge just inside the large, wrought iron gates.  One of the chapels was badly damaged by bombing raids during the Second World War and was eventually demolished in the 1960s.  The second chapel survives today and serves as the Crematorium’s chapel for funeral services.  Located just next to the chapel is a small dome shaped building containing a book of remembrance in a glass cabinet and behind the chapel is a waterfall and rock pool feature.

There are burials from both World Wars and there is a memorial to 21 members of the Beckenham Auxiliary Fire Service who were killed during the course of a single night’s bombing in April 1941, one of the heaviest air raids of the second World War in London.

A number of well known historical figures are buried here, namely W G Grace the famous cricketer who scored 126 centuries in a career spanning over 40 years, Frank Bourne - last known survivor of the battle at Rorke’s Drift in the Anglo-Zulu war, Josiah, 1st Baron Stamp who was a director of the Bank of England and ICI, president of the Geographical Society and an influential government advisor, Frederick Wolseley creator of the Wolseley car with Herbert Austin in the late 1890s and Thomas Crapper who, whilst not actually the inventor of the flushing toilet, did much to promote the popularity of the toilet and developed some important related inventions such as the ballcock.

Situated next to South Norwood Country Park, the crematorium and cemetery enjoys a tranquil, well-wooded setting laid out with intricate pathways of either asphalt or grass. Gardens of remembrance with brick-piered pergolas, rose beds and a variety of monuments provide the ideal surroundings for quiet reflection and remembrance.



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